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A new partnership between the International Publishers Association and leading book industry magazine Publishers Weekly will give IPA members and the publishing houses they represent free or heavily discounted subscriptions to ‘PW’, known internationally as the ‘bible of the book business’.

Under the agreement, presidents and CEOs of all 57 IPA members will benefit from a free print and digital subscription to US-based PW, worth USD 439.99 a year.

In addition, the workforces of most IPA members and their publisher members can enjoy a free digital subscription, worth USD 229.99.

All employees of IPA members and their publisher members in PW’s top eight markets—Australia, Canada, China, France, New Zealand, UAE, UK and USA—will be offered heavily discounted subscriptions, with savings of between USD 75 and 230. Existing, paying subscribers will be able to benefit from the lower rate when they renew their subscription.

Finally, PW subscribers have unfettered access to six thematic PW newsletters, including the PW Daily business bulletin, the twice-weekly Children’s Bookshelf and the popular bimonthly Global Rights Report, plus a variety of periodic market reports.

Founded in 1872, Publishers Weekly is a news magazine covering the international book publishing business. It offers features and news on all aspects of the book trade, bestseller lists and industry statistics, and publishes around 9,000 pre-publication book reviews per year. New York-based PW is read by publishers, booksellers, librarians, literary agents, authors and media around the world.

Publishers Weekly Executive Vice President and Publisher, Cevin Bryerman, said a growing priority for PW is increasing its international exposure.

‘We’re eager to raise the profile of Publishers Weekly everywhere, especially beyond our core, English-language markets,’ he said. ‘The IPA’s global network presents a unique opportunity for us to quickly achieve that goal. IPA members are precisely the kind of readers PW is written for, which is why this partnership will benefit everyone concerned.’

IPA Secretary General José Borghino said: ‘This fantastic arrangement came about after several months of discussions between the IPA and PW, and I’m confident we’ve got a great deal for our members. I have always felt that, of the book industry newspapers available, PW offers the most comprehensive international content, which is right for our membership.’

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  • The senior executive of all IPA members (print + digital)
  • All other staff of IPA members and their members in all but the following countries: Australia, Canada, China, France, New Zealand, UAE, UK, USA (digital only)


  • Staff of IPA members and their members in Australia, Canada, China, France, New Zealand, UAE, UK, USA