Regional Center for the Promotion of Books in Latin America and the Caribbean (CERLALC)

On 13 June 2019 in Nairobi, the IPA signed separate memoranda of understanding with ADEA and APNET, reaffirming the three organizations’ commitment to strengthening publishing in Africa.
CERCLAC logotype

CERLALC was born of an International Cooperation Agreement between the Colombian Government and UNESCO in 1971, and now has 21 member countries in Ibero-America. CERLALC has been working for almost half a century to promote production and circulation of books, reading and writing, and intellectual creation and protection of intellectual property.

The IPA’s strategic partnership with CERLALC formalizes and extends an established collaboration covering a broad spectrum of issues. Signed in Paris on 20 November 2019, the agreement confirms the IPA and CERLALC’s shared commitment to freedom to publish, copyright, diversity and inclusivity, and education. It also charts a path for strategic cooperation on policy and structural concerns, the collation of accurate publishing industry data, and the organization and promotion of public events.

This MOU with CERLALC extends IPA’s regional partnerships to contribute to positive change around publishing, reading and the creative economy in Latin America and the Caribbean.