A crucial part of IPA's mission is to inform member associations and the wider global publishing community about breaking developments which will impact publishers. We do this through a number of channels. the IPA website, our monthly e-newsletter, press releases and the IPA's dedicated social media feeds.

31/07/09 – IPA Publishers List of Arrested Iranian Journalists, Writers and Publishers and Demands their Immediate Release

18/06/09 – "Freedom to Publish under Siege in Iran" - IPA Report Slams Censorhip in Iran

04/06/09 – IPA President Speech for the Award Ceremony of the 2009 IPA FTP Prize (to OLPEC Founders S. Bensedrine, N. Rjiba and M. Talbi)

25/04/09 – IPA Freedom to Publish Prize Goes to 3 Tunisia Activists (Eng., Fr.)

26/02/09 – IPA letter to EU Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn

20/02/09 – IPA Protests Ban on Vietnamese Publisher

20/02/09 – IPA letter to Vietnamese Minister of Information and Communications

09/01/09 – 2009 IPA Freedom to Publish Prize: Nominate by 13 March!

01/10/08 – Publishers and Booksellers Strongly Condemn Recent Attacks on Publishers and Booksellers

17/09/08 – Publisher Ragip Zarakolu Receives 2008 IPA Freedom to Publish Prize at Opening of International Seminar on Neo-Censorship

29/08/08 – IPA urges Russian authorities to lift censorship on Muslim litterature

20/08/08 – TMG protests attack on journalist and representative of IFEX member group, Sihem Bensedrine at Tunis Airport (Eng. & Fr.)

10/07/08 – TMG Raises Tunisian Concerns with French President (Eng., Fr.)

09/07/08 – WAN/TMG/IPA letter to President Sarkozy re FoE in Tunisia (Eng.) (Fr.)

01/07/08 – Threats to the Open Book - Register for Int'l Symposium on Neo-Censorship - Amsterdam 18-20 September 2008

20/06/2008 – IPA letter to Vietnamese PM

19/06/08 – Article 301: IPA and PEN Condemn Sentencing of Publisher Zarakolu

09/06/08 – UNHRC - Item 6 - Joint IPA/PEN/WAN Oral Submission

15/05/08 – 2008 IPA Freedom to Publish Prize goes to Ragýp Zarakolu

30/04/08 – Article 301 Reform Fails to Meet Publisher Demands

08/04/08 – IPA/PEN/WPFC written submission to the UPR Session on Tunisia (8 April 2008)

06/03/08 – IPA Condemns Calls for a Boycott of Paris Book Fair

05/03/08 – TMG Urges Tunisian Government to Cease Repeated Attacks on HR Defenders

17/01/08 – International Publishers Commemorate Hrant Dink

16/01/08 – 2008 IPA Freedom to Publish Prize: Nominate by 18 April - 2008 Nomination Form

12/12/07 – IPA deplores continued harassment as Zarakolu trial drags on

10/12/07 – Joint IPA/PEN report on freedom of expression in Belarus

20/11/07 – IPA/PEN/WPFC written submission to the UPR Session to be held on 7-18 April 2008

12/10/07 – IPA Freedom to Publish Prize to be awarded in Amsterdam World Book Capital City 2008

11/10/07 – IPA supports Table Mountain Declaration

10/10/07 – IPA supports Table Mountain Declaration. See IPA Resolution. See Table Mountain Declaration

11/09/07 – IPA meets Anna Politkovskaya's newspaper in Moscow

10/09/07 – IPA, PEN and ARTICLE 19 call for the abolition of Art. 301

25/07/07 – Tunisia Monitoring Group welcomes liberation of Mohamed Abbou (Fr., Eng.)

15/06/07 – 2007 IPA Freedom Awards open 2nd Cape Town Book Fair

08/06/07 – Open Letter to Chinese President Hu Jintao

29/05/07 – IPA Freedom to Publish Director addresses 5th Freedom of Expression Gathering

16/05/07 – 2007 IPA Freedom Prize goes to Zimbabwean publisher Ncube. 2007 IPA Freedom Prize - Special Award goes to Dink and Politkovskaya

16/05/07 – Publisher pressure reunites Tehran Book Fair

25/04/07 – Open Letter to President of UN Council on Human Rights condemning resolution on defamation

25/04/07 – IPA condemns UN resolution on defamation

19/04/07 – IPA condemns assassination of Turkish publishers and presses for thorough investigation to end escalation of brutal attacks on freedom of expression

11/04/07 – 4th Report of the Tunisia Monitoring Group (Eng., Fr.)

11/04/07 – IPA and fellow Tunisia Monitoring Group members launch 4th report on Freedom of Expression in Tunisia

09/03/07 – IPA Letter to Iranian Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance opposing book fair separation plans

23/02/07 – Letter urging the repeal of Article 301 TPC

13/02/07 – Joint Declaration demanding abolishment of article 301 TPC

13/02/07 – 34 non-governmental organisations have released a Joint Declaration demanding a total abolishment of article 301 TPC

19/01/07 – IPA condemns the killing of Hrant Dink

08/12/06 – IPA receives "Liberty" Prize

05/12/06 – IPA denounces censorship in Iran

05/12/06 – IPA Letter to Iranian authorities urging descrease in levels of censorship

12/10/06 – IPA welcomes the awarding of the Nobel Prize for literature to Orhan Pamuk

10/10/06 – IPA condemns the murder of Anna Politkovskaya

21-24/09/06 – Freedom of Expression in focus @ Göteborg Book Fair (Programme)

21/09/06 – First IPA Freedom Prize goes to courageous Female Iranian Publisher

01/05/2006 – 3rd Report of the Tunisia Monitoring Group

07/04/06 – Publishers reaffirm commitment to Freedom of Expression

08/03/06 – US calls alleged Al-Jazeera bombing threat "unfounded" and "preposterous"

15/11/05 – FoE experts question credibility of UN World Summit on the Information Society in Tunisia (Eng. & Fr.)

26/09/05 – WSIS Prepcom 3 – Press Conference on FoE in Tunisia – Geneva

01/09/05 – 2nd Report of the Tunisia Monitoring Group (Eng., Fr.)

09/06/05 – TMG members urge Tunisian authorities to release books blocked through the legal submission procedure (Eng. & Fr.)

01/06/05 – Report on banned books in Tunisia

17/05/05 – Joint IPA/PEN Comments to new Turkish Penal Code

28/04/05 – TMG members call on Tunisian authorities to stop confiscating books at Tunis airport (Eng., Fr.)

11/02/05 – Joint IPA/PEN Oral Submission before the UN Commission on Human Rights

01/02/05 – Joint IPA/PEN/IBF Letter in Greek blasphemy case

14/12/04 – IPA Letter protesting banning of The Da Vinci Code in Lebanon

01/12/04 – IPA/PEN Report on Freedom of Expression in Turkey

15/11/04 – IPA Position Paper – Cultural Diversity Convention

20/06/04 – Joint IFLA/IPA Statement on the OFAC Regulations

16/04/04 – IPA Letter defending freedom to publish in the Philippines

23/03/04 – Joint IPA/PEN Oral Submission before the UN Commission on Human Rights

07/07/03 – Report on postponement of implementation of Hong Kong's Art. 23

26/06/03 – Joint IFLA/IPA Statement on Freedom of Expression on the Internet

20/02/03 – Joint IFLA/IPA Statement on the Role of Creators


Hugo Setzer
07 November 2019
Publishing industry

October and the first days of November were again very busy, with visits to four different countries and three book fairs in the course of three weeks.

James Taylor
25 October 2019
Publishing industry

SCCR 39 concluded this evening with an agreement found on how to keep the Exceptions and Limitations discussion moving forward and the other agenda items wrapped up and a possible new issue raised in the chamber.

James Taylor
24 October 2019
Publishing industry

The second day of discussions on the broadcasting treaty were mainly conducted behind closed doors with the plenary chamber finally filling at 17:40 for a presentation of conclusions.

James Taylor
23 October 2019
Publishing industry
Today’s discussions saw the focus shift from Exceptions and Limitations to the Broadcasting Treaty (and sadly not about all of the value generated by the copyright in an original work that migrates from being a book to a film, for example). The Excep...
James Taylor
22 October 2019
Publishing industry
Educational Publishing

The first day closed with Dr Kenneth Crews waiting to be grilled by delegates and observers. He was given the opportunity this morning, but the highlights today were the side events and the ripples from some late-night messages to delegates.

James Taylor
21 October 2019
Publishing industry
Educational Publishing
While the publishing industry was gathered in Frankfurt last week for the most important international book fair in the world, the action was already starting at WIPO in Geneva with an International Conference on Exceptions and Limitations on Friday ...
Ben Steward
01 October 2019
Freedom to publish
Book policy
Publishing industry

The second and final day of the IPA Regional Seminar in the Middle East was opened by Sharjah publisher Bodour Al Qasimi (Kalimat Group), who is (among other things) also the IPA Vice-President.

Ben Steward
30 September 2019
Publishing industry
When the IPA regional seminar in Amman, Jordan, got underway this morning there was a crackle of promise in the air. This was more than a conference opening – it was like the inauguration of a new bridge spanning the space between the IPA’s global me...

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